Adult Sunday School

Fellowship Bible Study Class – This class is made up of a diverse mix of men and women, singles and couples.  We use a variety of materials to stimulate thought and discussion about our lives and about how we can learn to better serve the Lord and grow in our relationship with Christ.  Greg Rhodes leads this class.  We meet in the Fellowship Hall and welcome new members!


Talmage Skinner Class – Note: We mourn the recent passing of the namesake of this class, a former minister at St. Paul, The Reverend Talmage Skinner.

This class studies Cokesbury’s Adult Bible Studies, taught by several class members (Ann Akers, David Henderson, Johnny Hodges, Ned Johnson, Paul Johnson).  Our membership is varied, men and women, couples and singles, from college-age to 60+.  In addition to nurturing each other, our class supports church projects and various needs in the community. Please join us as we study and work together to make good things happen in the name of Jesus.


Wesleyan Class – This class uses Cokesbury’s Adult Bible Studies and is affectionately known as “The Women’s Class.” We are a close group that studies well together and would love to have new members. We give to those in need, both locally and globally. We also wholeheartedly support St. Paul’s children and youth projects. Teachers are Sue Nickerson, with fill-ins by Karl B. Kelly.


Jeffcoat Men’s Class – This class is made up of men who strongly support each other through personal illnesses and other difficulties.  Teachers include Bill Evans and others on a rotating basis. The class strives to help its members become better scholars of the Bible and thereby better Disciples of Christ.  The class is currently studying Cokesbury’s  Adult Bible Studies.  We contribute much time to various causes, and have a strong brotherly love for each other.