Children’s Sunday School

“Our mission is to make disciples for Jesus Christ, for the transformation of the world.  Through regular attendance our students learn the value of committing their lives to God.  Through the weekly memorization of Bible verses, they learn how to use the Bible to guide them.  They learn the Lord’s Prayer, and begin to learn the Books of the Bible.”

Preschool Class

They learn the pledge to the Bible, the Lord’s Prayer, and begin to learn the books of the Bible.  Each class includes music, a Bible verse, Bible story, stickers, activities, and lots of FUN!

Kindergarten, First & Second Grade Class – We learn about the Bible through art, drama  and other fun activities.

Elementary Class  We are learning about Jesus and the Bible through crafts, study and fun activities. We are learning about how Christianity is practiced in other parts of the world.

Youth Class (6th-8th) – We learn about the Bible through, art, music and study. We are learning ways to serve God and to grow as Christians.  The class discusses daily life issues that help students apply what they learn in Sunday school.

Talmadge Skinner Class

This a class of older adults who take turns as leaders of in depth discussions on a variety of topics from the Ol and New Testament.